Helping Operating Engineers Bargain for Better Wages and Conditions

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 571 in Omaha NE is a mixed Local. This means that we consist of stationary engineers and operating engineers.

Our skilled group comes from all areas of the workforce, including heavy and highway, building, and pipeline on the construction side. On the stationary side, we cover a variety of private and public sectors varying from different county offices like 911 Dispatchers, CSI, County Roads, Metro Community College, Martin Marietta Aggregates, and more.

What We Do

As a small local organization, we have an open-door policy, working as transparent as possible. Our goal is to grow our union fully in all covered markets. This is in the effort to keep wages and benefits at a level that can support an acceptable living standard for our members and their families. We believe that everyone has the right to bargain for better compensation, retirement, and working conditions.

Reach Out to Us

Get in touch with us if you have any questions. Our dedicated team will gladly assist you.

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