Find Out More About the Importance of Being a Union Member

At IUOE Local 571 in Omaha, NE, we are a mixed union of stationary and operating engineers alike. We believe that each employee has the right to ask for a more conducive work arrangement, and we are here to help our members with that.

Why Organize?

Collective bargaining gives union members advantages over nonunion employees who hold the same jobs, skills, and characteristics, may it be education, age, race, or gender. For example, union members make on average 26% more than nonunion workers. Aside from this, most nonunion employees are at-will workers in most States, which means they are contractual and can be dismissed for any reason.During negotiations, we can bargain for a just-cause provision and establish a guideline for discipline and corrective behavior. We can also negotiate for better wages, benefits, and working conditions, which may include hours at work, vacation, pension, 401k, sick leave, bereavement pay, and more.

This graph from the Economic Policy Institute shows the impact on the economy of union declines. This illustration speaks for itself as to why unions are an important part of our financial system, and why it is essential to organize and grow.

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