Want to be the best? Train with the best.

Earn While You Learn

Our apprenticeship is a four-year program that strives to train operating engineers in all areas of the construction trade. Our apprentices graduate the program with the experience, skill, certifications, and confidence to succeed as a journeyperson in a difficult and demanding field.

Upgrade Training

All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to continue training. Technology is constantly evolving and it is important that we as a skilled trade keep on top of the newest technology that is offered. Certifications and qualifications are equally important. Our training site offers a wide range of certifications and qualifications that keep our members up to date and ready for whatever the market demands.

Our Instructors

Walt Wrasse

Phone: (402) 571-4939Email: [email protected]

Nick Kocol

Phone: (402) 571-4939Email: [email protected]

Josh Dick

Phone: (402) 571-4939Email: [email protected]

Training Schedule